eason the independence movement succeeded. "In 1821, the union of rival groups, that of Guerrero and that of Iturbide, resulted in the dreamed of achieving independence," Calderon.

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ident of the FBF to prison on Tuesday. The President of the FBF, Carlos Chavez, and its Executive Secretary Alberto Lozado, were the first two to be arrested on Saturday, pending a.

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al Security Assistance Force)." More than 700 Danish combat troops as well as police and army training teams are serving in Helmand province in southern Afghanistan. NATO endorsed.

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police source who refused to be named. The shooting near 9525 Holmes Ave. was reported shortly after 10 p.m. Three males in a green Honda Accord escaped from the scene, and police a.

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Navy has sent two helicopters to transport rescue workers and equipment to the disaster-hit area. According to the authorities, some 800 firemen and Civil Defense employees are i.

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be they among the vast horizon on the Arctic tundra, in the military training schools of northern Afghanistan, or on the seas and waterways near and far." Lawson will also have t .

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Assistant Secretary of State, however, said that there is no need for her to meet with Vidal for another round of negotiations. The two countries will meet through their so-call.

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er tossed 30 watermelons out of the airplane as part of the performance to show how pilots would practice bombs. The Brazilian Esquadrilha da Fumaca or "Smoke Squadron" added inter.

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In 1996, the EU adopted the so-called Common Position, which restricted dealings with Cuba, citing a lack of democracy and human rights violations. The policy was promoted in Eur.

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