pposed to Serra's 36 percent, according to an Ibope poll released on Wednesday. The figures seemed to reverse the results of the first round, in which Serra carried 30.7 percent of.

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nadian oil to U.S. Gulf coast. Toner said that Clinton also emphasized the U.S. need for cleaner energy resources while she said last week that she was " inclined" to back the pro.

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had originally planned to hold a working-level meeting on Tuesday in the Demilitarized Zone to discuss the sinking of the ROK warship. The DPRK accepted last Friday the Command's .

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Hosni Mubarak highlighted the importance of executing court's orders to correct the parliamentary elections results, which the opposition has alleged fraudulent. Suleiman, a forme.

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and a pilot were killed when a helicopter crashed near Las Vegas Wednesday evening, a spokesman for the National Park Service said. The accident occurred around 5 p.m. local time .

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ating transnational criminal organizations. Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs Lawrence Cannon hosted the U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Mexico's Secretary of Forei .

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d on Monday to reclaim the post, with 82.9 percent of the votes counted. The national election office (ONPE) announced Castaneda garnered 50.7 percent of the vote so far, compared.

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ble of destroying 60 to 90 km of cocaine per hour, and are designed with safeguards to prevent explosions and toxic fumes. Until recently, illicit drugs had to be destroyed manuall.

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o 1.2229 trillion dollars. Japan, the second largest foreign holder of the U.S. government debt, trimmed its holdings from 1.1039 trillion dollars in January to 1.0971 trillion do.

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