cipating in the bidding, which opened in early 2009. It should have been closed last December, but the final decision was postponed to the first half of this year. "One of the mai.

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hua) -- U.S. President Barack Obama said on Wednesday that the White House and Congress should work together to promote transparency and restrict influence of lobbyists to addres.

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ce. The price of one gallon of gasoline has increased from 4.10 U.S. dollars to 4.65 dollars, while the price of diesel has gone up from 2.77 dollars to 3.77 per gallon, and keros.

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d steps that both countries have recently taken to impose costs on Russia over the Ukraine crisis, said a statement issued by the White House. They also stressed the need to make e.

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that the best solutions to tough problems require a bipartisan approach, and bipartisanship is the center's brand," Harman wrote. "Serving at its helm provides unique opportuniti.

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al daily Granma's report on Friday. Jose Ramon Cabanas met with Obama in the Oval Office, in a ceremony during which the president welcomed 16 newly appointed ambassadors. The two .

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remain determined to fulfill this obligation," said a Foreign Office spokesman. In Quito, Patino called Britain's threat a "hostile and unfriendly act" that violates "clear intern.

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examined to put our budget back on a sound fiscal path," including defense funding. Democrats aim to spend 308 billion dollars less on security and defense compared to the presid.

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onverged on Canada's capital to try to find ways to stop the smuggling of human beings, beginning a conference here Wednesday that they hope will draw attention to this growing pr.

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