separated from his family, for fear his mother was going to be raped, and how he ate insects to survive. "The reason I'm interested in an apology is not so much about the restitu.

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as driving his car in the area, DR police said in a communique. Both Canadian Interpol and Quebec legal authorities issued a warrant for Levis' arrest, police said. The Dominican Re.

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d General Comptroller Gladys Bejerano said Tuesday. At the opening session of the XI International Conference of Criminal Sciences 2012, Bejerano said corruption is one of the mai.

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mely manner. However, Republican lawmakers insisted that a debt ceiling increase should be in line with spending cuts, which would threaten a government shutdown. The report, writt.

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by the 47 leaders participating in the Nuclear Security Summit. "Terrorist groups have been trying to buy, build or steal arms. In the last two decades, there have been at least 2.

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gh-security prison. Khan was first detained on May 10 after being found with explosives while he was at the U.S. embassy discussing his U.S. visa. Police also found some explosives .

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rk. Worse still, the changes in total nonfarm payroll employment for June and July were revised down to 45,000 and 141,000, respectively. "The breadth of employment gains also hit a.

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causes. The injured, including five in serious condition, were taken to a local hospital in Ibague. According to Munoz, most of the passengers were employees of a bank and were co.

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," he added. If actually carried out, such a threat would be a big blow for the Venezuelan economy. More than 90 percent of its export earnings are from oil. The United States is .

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