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icers losing their lives in line of duty, the Justice Department said on Tuesday. The figure was a dramatic increase from 2009's 117, a result of a two-year decline in law enforce


ry. Monday was one of the bloodiest days on record in Mexico, with a total of 42 deaths linked to organized crime. In a separate gruesome incident in Mazatlan, a Pacific coast tow.


are unfounded and there are no plans of privatizing the mining operations. On Friday, Codelco's President Diego Hernandez said that in case of a full-blown strike Chile will see a.


ters of the bill claimed that it would help small farmers increase their production, while opponents said the real problem is the inefficiency of the Brazilian agricultural sector.


tricts of Gonnet and Avellaneda. Local train service was suspended and traffic disrupted in areas where streets were flooded or blocked by downed trees and posts, the officials sai.

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ington for the two-day meeting to discuss ways to prevent nuclear materials from falling into the hands of terrorists and "non-state actors." ? Participating wo.

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ce to this "dangerous individual." "This designation represents just one phase of the U.S. government's response to the threat posed by terrorists in Afghanistan and Pakistan," th.

ry General Ban Ki-moon last week said Haiti "has made significant progress since the earthquake" and recommended reducing the number of military forces in Minustah to 1,600 from .

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