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utgoing Colombian President Alvaro Uribe Tuesday asked Colombians to forgive him for estranged relations with the neighboring countries during his tenure. "Please forgive those im

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er to legalize marijuana this fall. Among those surveyed, 55 percent oppose legalizing marijuana, according to the Associated Press-CNBC poll published on Tuesday. Young people wer

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country's police forces. Calderon has proposed establishing 32 state police forces with expanded powers in an effort to fight corruption and links to organized criminal groups th

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on March 8, 2013. 33 Chiefs of states or governments from across the world attended Chavez's funeral on Friday in Caracas. (Xinhua/Presidency of Venezuela)? CARACAS, March 8 (Xinhu

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and Brazil agreed Tuesday to strengthen joint coordination in fight against human trafficking, and provide assistance and protection to the victims of the crimes. Under an agreemen

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, with a comparative strength in medical care, returns the favor by sending some 45,000 professionals, mainly health workers, to work in Venezuela. ? Newly designated Venezuela's F

催眠手镯怀孕 -3d动漫怪物在线观看视频

condemning the latest terrorist attack on the Chechen parliament in Grozny. "Canada strongly condemns the brazen terrorist attack that took place yesterday against the Chechen parl